Management Team

Heartland Bank's Management Team is responsible for implementing policy and strategy set by the Board, and ensuring the company is run efficiently and effectively.

Led by our Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Greenslade, the Management Team is made up of the heads of our major business units and functions. They have substantial experience in business and management, and comprehensive knowledge of the financial services industry.

Jeff Greenslade

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff has over 20 years’ experience as a senior banking executive, including with the ANZ National Banking Group, where he last held the position of Managing Director of Corporate and Commercial Banking for ANZ National Bank.

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Chris Flood

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Chris has spent 27 years in the finance and banking sectors, and has broad experience in consumer and commercial finance.

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Laura Byrne

Chief Operating Officer

Laura is a former lawyer with a proven track record of providing strategic advice on legal and governance matters to boards and senior management.

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Richard Lorraway

Chief Risk Officer

Richard is a skilled risk professional with more than 25 years of banking and financial services experience.

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Chris Cowell

Head of Digital Execution

Chris has over 30 years in the finance and banking sectors with a broad experience in commercial finance. Chris is responsible for business banking at Heartland

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Michael Drumm

General Counsel

Michael (LLB Hons / BA) is an experienced lawyer with a strong background in providing commercial legal advice on a range of transactions and other corporate activity to businesses across New Zealand and internationally.

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Andrew Ford

CEO Heartland Seniors Finance Australia

Andrew leads Heartland’s Australian operations which is primarily focused on reverse mortgages.

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Darryl Harnett

Head of Retail & Consumer

Darryl has over 30 years of banking and finance experience, and has been with Heartland Bank for 16 years.

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David Mackrell

Chief Financial Officer

David is Chief Financial Officer of Heartland Bank, having responsibility for the financial reporting and accounting functions.

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Ben Russell

Head of Rural

Ben has an extensive professional agribusiness career spanning more than 20 years.

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Sarah Selwood

Head of Human Resources

Sarah has 25 years’ experience in financial services, including 22 years with Heartland Bank.

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Peter Griffin

Head of Business

Peter leads Heartland’s Business division, focussing on the provision of finance to small and medium sized New Zealand businesses.

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Heartland Closes Rights Offer

Posted 12th December 2017

Heartland Bank is pleased to advise that the Rights Offer component of its 1 for 15 pro rata rights issue, which closed on 8 December 2017, was strongly supported by shareholders.

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