Strategic Management Group

Jeff Greenslade

Chief Executive Officer - Heartland Group

Jeff has over 20 years’ experience as a senior banking executive, including with the ANZ National Banking Group, where he last held the position of Managing Director of Corporate and Commercial Banking for ANZ National Bank.

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Chris Flood

Chief Executive Officer - Heartland Bank

Chris’ experience spans 35 years in financial services including roles in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom working with Westpac, National Australia Bank, UDC and Heartland Bank.

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Keira Billot

Chief People & Brand Experience Officer

Keira joined Heartland in 2018 to lead the People & Culture team. She is a highly experienced executive having worked across a broad range of industries including banking, pharma, media, public sector and infrastructure.

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Laura Byrne

Chief Operating Officer

Laura joined Heartland in 2013 as Group General Counsel following a legal career in private practice and as in-house counsel with the Telecom Group.

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Andrew Dixson

Chief Financial Officer

Andrew is a highly experienced finance professional and chartered accountant with over 20 years’ experience in the finance and banking sectors.

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Michael Drumm

Chief Risk Officer

Michael joined Heartland in 2015 and was Heartland’s General Counsel for five years before becoming Chief Risk Officer.

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Lydia Zulkifli

Chief Digital Officer

Lydia is the Chief Digital Officer for Heartland Bank. She is an experienced banking executive with a career spanning investments, treasury, lending and digital.

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28th October 2021

Heartland Annual Shareholder Meeting 2021

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