2020 Interim Dividend

On 18 February 2020, the Heartland Group Board resolved to pay a fully imputed 2020 interim dividend of 4.5 cents per share on Wednesday 11 March 2020 to all shareholders on Heartland’s register at 5.00pm on Wednesday 26 February 2020.

Dividend Per Share (cents per share)


Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Heartland Group Holdings Limited announced the new Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) in December 2018.  The DRP offers shareholders the opportunity to reinvest some or all of their dividend payments into new ordinary shares in Heartland, free of brokerage charges. Participation in the DRP is entirely optional. 

Please note if you previously participated in the Heartland Bank Limited DRP, your participation has not automatically been carried across to the Heartland Group Holdings Limited DRP following the corporate restructure on 31 October 2018.

If you previously participated in the Heartland Bank Limited DRP, and wish to continue to receive shares instead of dividend payments, you must make a new election to participate in the Heartland Group Holdings Limited DRP.

Full details of the DRP are contained in the Offer Document.

Heartland Group Holdings Limited Dividend Reinvestment Plan Offer Document

How to participate

If you wish to participate in the DRP, you need to make a participation election, either online at https://investorcentre.linkmarketservices.co.nz or by completing the Participation Notice form in the Offer Document and returning it to Heartland Group’s Share Registrar Link Market Services.

Shareholders must have a New Zealand or Australian address recorded in the share register to be eligible to participate in the DRP.

Dividend Policy

Heartland will determine dividends (both interim and final) based on its net profit after tax, subject to maintaining a prudent level of capital for its needs. Heartland’s capital needs will vary from time to time, depending on a range of factors (including regulatory and credit rating requirements, general economic conditions, current and expected growth and the mix of business). A key objective is to ensure an appropriate balance between maximising shareholder returns, and protecting the interests of depositors through prudent capital management.