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Heartland changed its name from Heartland New Zealand Limited to Heartland Bank Limited on 31 December 2015 (in conjunction with the amalgamation of Heartland New Zealand Limited and Heartland Bank Limited). Accordingly, documents dated prior to 31 December 2015 were published under the company name Heartland New Zealand Limited.

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Key Date

03th April 2018

Interim Dividend Payment Date

09:00 AM

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Notification of Allotment of Securities

Posted 14th March 2018

For the purposes of Listing Rules 7.12.1 and 7.12.9 of the NZX Main Board Listing Rules, Heartland Bank Limited (Heartland) (NZX: HBL) advises that the following securities have been issued pursuant to its LTI Net Share Settled Option Plan.

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